Gno-sis (noh-sis) – noun

Knowledge of spiritual mysteries; inexplicable intuitive awareness.

 is an extraordinary series of books by Dr. Lew Graham.  His research into the ancient civilization described by Pythagoras and Plato began in childhood and has spanned more than four decades.  Along the way, he began unraveling the riddle of December 2012’s true import as a Turning Of The Ages.  The original draft of the first volume in the first edition was nearly 700 pages in length!  After being pared down, it was published as a set of author’s galleys about which many diverse readers (from lay readers, to religious authorities, to European academics, to Hollywood award winners) were enlisted to give input and pose questions.  Of course, our world passed December 2012 just as Editions 1-3 always had predicted.  In 2016,  APOTHEOSIS revealed the deeply personal story of how the acclaimed GNOSIS series came about.


Volume 1 – eSample – (The Story of How We Remember) clearly describes the world’s true history from 20,000+ years ago until the Lost Civilization that Plato called the island of Atlas, commonly misnamed Atlantis, simply vanished in a related series of worldwide disasters.

Volume 2 – eSample – (Weaving Science, Spirituality and Hidden History Into the Fabric of Your Future) unveils the world’s true history over the last 13,500 years as humanity re-emerged after a spate of global cataclysms in which the Earth nearly died.

Volume 3 – eSample – (The Ancient Atlantean Meditation) presents potent self-directed tools for those interested in spiritual equanimity as well as rapid personal growth. Also, the book succinctly reviews the hidden tale of The Greatest Story Never Told.

Volume 4 – eSample – (Seeking A Sage Spiritual Psychology) recaps the preceding books and gives results from two decades of applied research on four continents. In part, it is an informed follow-up to the late M. Scott Peck, M.D.’s 1983 People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil.  The volume also presents an integrated model of human functioning based upon features of character, underlying candlepower, and core traits that invisibly underlie personal differences.  Camouflaged, real-life examples bring the model to life.  As author, the Rev. Dr Lewis E. Graham was privileged to train as a scientist and a shaman.  He thereby brings both traditions plus 20+ years of international business experience to this innovative view of human consciousness.

APOTHEOSIS eSample – (APOTHEOSIS: Last Lap in the Human Race – A Spiritual Autobiography) is Dr. Lew Graham’s 10th non-fiction book.  A no-holds-barred backstory, it provides candid context for how the acclaimed Gnosis Onward series came to fruition.  These are the life events that led to more than four decades of seeking out astonishing answers to enduring esoteric riddles.

BIOMIMETICS eSample – (BIOMIMETICS for Teams:  FLOW DYNAMICS Bring Your Business to Life) A how-to handbook of high-performance secrets based on the invisible success principles of life itself. This 276-page, full-color, print-only treasure is available directly from the worldwide printer and also from co-publisher Book Hub (Ireland) as well as Amazon worldwide.