In his acclaimed GNOSIS Onward book series, now in its fully revised 4th Edition (Volumes 1-4 were released in 2013), noted scientist and shaman Dr. Lewis E. Graham Ph.D. D.D. presents an inspiring and astonishing story of what the ancients wisely foresaw about the 6th Age of the Sun – our currently embryonic epoch.

Are you ready for a new curve in the unfolding spiral of life?

Lew Graham has done us all a favor by writing his Gnosis series. There is an enormous amount of research, life experience, insight, intelligence and clear thinking in these big books and even if, like me, you don’t agree with everything he says, you’ll find so much of value here — so much that is thought-provoking and challenging — that you’ll not regret a  single minute engaging with this huge and important body of evidence and ideas.”

Graham Hancock, Author of Fingerprints of the Gods

“A Gnostic tour-de-force!
Dr. Graham’s work provides an excellent resource that contains most, if not all, of the key points about the more obscure aspects of our past.
And the Volume 4 finale is an engaging exploration of the human psyche, blending modern methods with ancient wisdom.”

Mark Grant, Author of A Tale of Two Synchronicities

“I have been proud to work in a variety of roles with the man we today call Lew Graham, as we attempt to dispel the greatest myths ever told.  The history of humanity is far more fascinating than we have been led to believe.…”

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, Author of Promised By Heaven

“Of the varied iterations of what 2012 meant for us, look at this one. Dr. Graham has contributed a thorough explanation of where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.  Whether you filter your information through spirituality or science, intuition or intellect, these books will speak to your sensibility.  They are beautiful to look at and beautifully told.”

Viki King, Author of How to Write a Movie in 21 Days – The Inner Movie Method and Feelization

GNOSIS puts together all the pieces of the jigsaw to relate a remarkable account of mankind’s history, unlike any I’ve ever heard before and which I highly recommend.”

Paul Gill, Radio Show Host, Psychotherapist and Author of The Definitive Book of Dreams

“We have had amazing feedback on Lew’s GNOSIS series. People have been so impressed with the scholarly endeavour behind the series, but more importantly, with the manner in which Lew is able to take extremely complex theories and ideas and make sense of them for the reader.  Lew is a fascinating character.”

Dr. Niall McElwee, Managing Director, Book Hub Publishing